College continues to recover from cyber attack

Things aren’t completely back to normal yet, but Trevor Alberston, Lassen Community College’s interim president, said the college’s cyber situation is improving.

The college came under cyber attack Tuesday, Jan. 26, and the several law enforcement agencies — including the FBI — are investigating.

Albertson said as of the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 5, the college has added some more services today, and the college will continue to get everything up and running as soon as possible.

Albertson confirmed that the college’s online instruction had been disrupted “very briefly.” He said the online instruction was disrupted today in a completely unrelated event when a server firewall went down, but “we brought it right back up.”

The good news is the college’s recovery is well underway.

“It’s coming back quickly at this point,” Alberston said. “We remain committed to helping the community in any way possible and see to it that our students receive a quality education.”