College president announces remote education for summer session

For most Lassen Community College students, the 2020 summer term means remote education.

Acting president/superintendent Dr. Trevor Albertson made the announcement to faculty and staff in an early evening email Monday, April 6.

“Tonight I am writing to talk about our 2020 summer term,” Albertson wrote. “Let me start off with the tough news: The 2020 summer term will not be held in person, I am sorry to report.”

The reason for the change — concerns about the dangers to faculty and students posed by the coronavirus.

“Given the conditions associated with COVID-19, and my duty to care for each and every one of you, our students and campus visitors, I believe it is everyone’s best interest that we conduct this term via remote education. I wish it were different.”

Albertson told the newspaper despite the change, three programs will continue to meet in person on campus — welding, gunsmithing and auto shop. Fire science and nursing classes could also meet on campus, but Albertson said, “they don’t do much during the summer.”


Fall term future remains uncertain

“With regard to the fall term, there has been absolutely no decision made for how the college will move forward,” Albertson wrote. “That having been said, I am cautiously optimistic that by fall we will be able to return to face-to-face instruction — but that may not be possible. I just don’t have enough of a picture yet to make a decision.”

For more information, call the college at 251-8842.