People of all ages and walks of life within the Susanville community came together to transform the property along the Susan River pathway.

Community Garden breaks ground

Olivia Shanahan, left, and Mimi Rena, right, are having a blast together while painting the house on the community garden’s property.

On the weekend of April 28 and 29, the Susanville Community Garden had the help of more than 30 residents of every age to transform the blank plot right next to the Pat Murphy Little League Field into a workable space for gardening.

The unkempt soil was completely churned by hand and tractor, the brush and debris were removed all throughout the property’s perimeter and the house and cellar on the property were re-painted and cleaned out.

On Saturday and Sunday, everyone worked from the time the sun came up until it was time for most people to hurry off to dinner. Even the neighbors surrounding the property came out to lend their hands.

Lindsy Campbell, left, is getting a crash-course in how to operate the tractor from Olivia Shanahan, right.

Those who donated their time to make the weekend possible were successful in accomplishing immense feats with their hard work. Every shovel, brush, paint bucket, glove, bottle of water and even the tractor were donated and used by everyday members of the community.

It took the whole weekend, but the result was nothing short of a beautiful, ready and blank palette for Susanville to begin gardening.

A wonderful result of the weekend, was that people got the chance to meet new residents while also cherishing the ones already familiar, together digging in the dirt. The spirit of their dedication to the community and their love of seeing this project through is what will continue the growth of the community garden.