Lincoln Grogan, 2, enjoys his first experience at the Honey Lake Valley Community Pool on Tuesday, Aug. 1. Photo by Becky Grogan

Community pool usage exceeds expectations

Things are going better than expected at the newly opened Honey Lake Valley Community Pool on South Street in Susanville.

According to an update on pool operations presented at an Aug. 1 Honey Lake Valley Recreation Authority meeting, “strong community interest” led to the pool generating $41,384 in revenue between June 28 and July 21, including $12,874 from swim lessons, $16,273 from monthly passes, $10,634 from daily passes and $897 from aquatic programs.

According to the staff report, the authority estimates it will generate $36,000 in total revenue during August, with most schools starting back in midlate August.

Eric Heumann, manager of the Honey Lake Valley Community Pool said, “The sales at the pool have been strong and have been managed through a modern system point of sale. A number of program updates and modifications have been incorporated to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction … Pool management continues to look for ways to reduce the time it takes to ring up customers, track daily pass holders and improve scheduling of swim lessons and other programs.”

Heumann said the pool is considering a swiping system for punch cards, a scanner for monthly passes, a stamp system for re-entry and incorporating a swim lesson scheduler with the point of sale equipment.

Current staffing includes a full-time pool manager, a part-time assistant manager, a part-time head lifeguard, a part-time head swim instructor and 17 part-time lifeguards.

“We have a very enthusiastic staff with a range of experience,” Heumann said. “For many, this is their first job. Scheduling staff coverage as people go back to school and return to other employment is a primary focus.”



According to Heumann, “Safety is the highest priority at the pool.”

Responding to concerns from some pool customers, he said the pool had ordered some floor mats to be used in the shower areas and hooks for safety equipment on the perimeter fence. According to the staff report, there have been “a few” incidents to date, including two involving lifeguards.



The pool is considering the purchase and installation of vending machines for snacks and beverages, including a snow cone machine and “other low prep food items.”


Swim team

Pool staff is also working with the organizers of the Lassen Aquatics Swim Team. Three coaches — Camille Buehler, Amy Clingensmith and Tina Hilburn are in the process of acquiring coaching credentials. They plan to meet one hour per day in the afternoon for a swim academy/camp. The camp is expected to begin Aug. 28 and would run six to eight weeks. The authority and academy are expected to share the academy fees.



According to the staff report, chemical usage at the pool has been greater than expected, probably due to wind, debris and the large number of swimmers.

“Staff is continuing to manually monitor chemical levels to ensure that automated units are functioning correctly,” according to the staff report.