Congratulations to our county’s graduates

It’s graduation season here in Lassen County. Some schools have already held their graduation or commencement ceremonies while others are scheduled in the next few days.

Graduation always marks an important milestone or rite of passage for the students and their families.

Kindergarten, elementary and middle school students will be advancing into higher grades. Many high school graduates will go on to college, vocational school, the military, the workforce or choose to raise a family. A well-thought out and practical decision for one student may be an absolute disaster for another, and graduates are encouraged to recognize and develop their own individual plan for the future. The aspirations of our graduates are as varied as the graduates themselves.

There will be support for whatever path they choose to follow.

The obvious truth is these graduates stand at the event horizon of their future, and the decisions they make in the next days, weeks and months will surely affect the course of their lives. Let’s remember, one size does not fit all. While an education is a great thing, one should recognize some graduates are simply not cut out for more school.

Those with the interest, desire and aspiration certainly should go to college and earn a higher degree. Some will be satisfied with a two-year degree, others may want a four-year degree and some will want to go beyond for a graduate degree. A few will become doctors and lawyers.

Some graduates will want to follow a trade and become a plumber, carpenter or mechanic. There’s plenty of virtue in the trades and sometimes a person who is mechanically inclined and has the skills to work with their hands is absolutely the perfect person for the job.

Tradesmen are always welcome, and we can always use more of them.

Other graduates will choose the military — either as a career or as a patriotic duty they need to fulfill. Remember in 2017 there is no draft, so every man and woman serving in the military has voluntarily answered the nation’s call to be willing and ready to take up arms and defend our nation and our freedoms when the need arises.

These brave sons and daughters deserve our utmost respect, honor and thanks.

Some graduates will decide it’s time to go to work and start a family. Working men and women are the backbone of our country, and raising a family is a noble endeavor that requires the greatest care and compassion from all its members.

Here in rural Lassen County, more graduates will go to work on the family ranch or farm. We couldn’t survive without the meat and produce these family businesses provide. Keep up the good work.

Success is wished for each and every graduate in Lassen County this year regardless of the path they choose to follow. The graduates have passed that great milestone and are ready to take their first step into adulthood. Graduates are asked to consider their future path and make the decisions that are right for them.

Congratulations, graduates. Well done. Now venture out there and find your place in the world.

Make us all proud.