Congressional candidate comments on Jan. 6 events

One year ago, a mob attacked the U.S. Capitol Building and tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power from President Trump to President-Elect Biden. Congressman Doug LaMalfa parroted Trump’s lies about election fraud in the months leading up to the attack and voted against certification of the election results after the attack. In the aftermath of July 6th (sic), Redding’s Record Searchlight and Chico’s Enterprise-Record both called for LaMalfa to resign or, failing that, for a principled Republican to stand up and primary him. It is a sign of the moral collapse of the GOP that Doug did not resign and that he is not being challenged by a Republican in the primary.

Contempt for democracy and a taste for sedition are not Doug’s only flaws. During his 10 years in Congress, he has always put himself first, rather than the people of District One or our country as a
whole. The only issue about which he cares deeply is the size of his ag check, and the only bipartisan work he has ever supported is an amnesty bill that would give illegal immigrants legal status if they agree to eight years of work on big farms. It’s long past time for the voters in this district to send him home. The North State could not do worse than Doug and can certainly do much better.

I am running for Congress as a moderate Democrat, and I intend to defeat Doug in November. He is a boot-licking coward. I am a patriot, a combat veteran, an Army Reservist, and a former diplomat. As a Democrat in a “Red” district, I am under no illusion that my career in Congress will be long-lasting, but it would be a pleasure to end this swamp-creature’s political career and an honor to champion the North State’s prison, forestry, fire, and water issues in Congress.

Please look at my website and contact me if you have any unanswered questions.

Max Steiner