Nick Cibula bunts the ball to throw off the Golden Eagles before dashing to first base on Tuesday, April 11. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Cougar baseball brings in 12 against FRC

Wild winds and eager ballplayers drove hoards of fans into the stands of Susanville Memorial Park on Monday, April 10 and Tuesday, April 11 as the Lassen College baseball team took on the Feather River Eagles for three games.

Game one took place on April 10 and resulted in a 4-3 win for the home team.

Games two and three were held on April 11 and resulted in two losses for Lassen with final scores of 4-2 and 10-6, respectively.

In the first game, Ryan Thomasy was the first Cougar to cross home plate during the bottom of the first inning. Eric Carlson was credited with the RBI after grounding out to second base.

Lassen saw their next runs during inning three. Thomasy scored again when Kyle Whitted singled. Carlson advanced to second base from Whitted’s hit as well.

Carlson then scored and advanced the lead to 3-0 for Lassen thanks to Adam Frandsen’s single.

With both Whitted and Frandsen on second and first base, respectively, the inning was called and Feather River finally gathered up the courage to score.

The Golden Eagles saw their first run during the top of the fourth inning, but the 3-1 kept the visiting team humble.

McClain O’Connor sprints to the home plate to score the second run for the Cougars against the Feather River Golden Eagles. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Lassen scored their fourth and final run during the bottom of the eighth inning. Daniel Perry was the Cougar to cross home plate thanks to Frandsen’s sacrifice fly to left field.

Feather River still had some wind beneath their wings, though, and the Golden Eagles scored two more runs during the top of the ninth inning.

Gehrig Parks pitched for the first eight innings and struck out four of 33 batters faced. He gave away six hits, one run and three walks.

Jack Bell was on the mound for the final inning and struck out one of four batters faced with only one hit given away.

The April 11 games sparked great interest among fans as the boys took to the diamond in spirit of a rematch.

The Golden Eagles and the Cougars were equally on top of their games with great passes giving each team the opportunity to show off their defensive strategies.

After seven innings of no runs, Feather River decided to break the 0-0 tie with one run in the top of the eighth inning.

Lassen didn’t let the lead get to the Golden Eagles’ heads, though, as Nick Cibula was eager to put the Cougars on the board with a run during the bottom of inning eight. Thomasy was granted credit of Cibula’s score.

With the 1-1 lingering over the teams, fans watched eagerly to see who would get the upper hand.

The game spilled into extra innings before the next run was scored; luckily for Feather River, they were the team to break the tie yet again.

The Golden Eagles managed three runs during the top of the 11th inning.

As Lassen took their turn at bat, all eyes remained focused on the ball. Nathan Hedberg launched the ball much to the Golden Eagles’ dismay and ended up on

Nathan Hedberg tosses the bat aside after hitting a single and bringing in a runner against the Feather River Golden Eagles on Tuesday, April 11. Photo by Ashley Grogan

first base. Hedberg’s single sent Perry to second and McClain O’Connor sprinted from second base all the way home.

Lassen finished the game with a run tally of two. Though the Golden Eagles won 4-2, the game was neck-and-neck from the start.

Raymond Kerr, Jacob Conklin and Bell were the three Cougars on the mound for game one. Kerr struck out 10 of his 30 faced batters for the first eighth innings. Conklin struck out one of his nine faced batters for two innings. Bell faced five in one inning and struck out one.

The second game of the doubleheader was looking to be a short-inning game with the Golden Eagles still on cloud nine from the opening game’s win.

Feather River managed five runs in the first inning, and the Cougars were clearly sweating bullets.

However, Lassen stuck to their guns and kept strong throughout the entire nine innings and ended up with a total of six runs.

In the bottom of the first, Lassen’s Parks scored after Carlson singled.

The Cougars then got another two runs under their belt with O’Connor across the plate from an error and Alex Valencia across from Thomasy’s double.

Feather River scored another one during the top of the fourth inning, but Lassen still resisted throwing in the towel.

Lassen’s Kerr scored again during the bottom of the fifth with Parks’ single to thank.

The Cougars scored again during the bottom of the sixth with Frandsen crossing the plate thanks to Valencia’s single.

The Golden Eagles made a comeback with two runs scored during the top of the eighth and ninth innings, and with Frandsen’s single sending Parks in for the only run during the bottom of the ninth inning, the game was called.

Brenden Yocum pitched the first third inning of the game with five hits given away as well as five runs, one walk and five errors.

Jared Kiessling pitched a majority of the game with 6.2 innings on the mound. Kiessling struck out four of 27 faced batters. He gave away seven hits, three runs, two walks and three errors.

Hedberg and Connor Flaharty split the final two innings on the mound. Hedberg gave away one hit, one run and one error. Flaharty gave away two hits, one run and one error; he struck out one of five batters faced.