Cindie Abbott, right, meets and spends time with the Soaring Eagle Blue Star Moms Angel Bike recipient, Goldie Nwachuki after the duathlon. Photo submitted

Cougar Challenge Duathlon successful

Team Fast and Furious members Mike Withers, left, and Kay Runyon pose together after finishing the duathlon with a total time of 1:16:13. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The results are in from the Blue Star Cougar Challenge Duathlon held Saturday, Sept. 16. A total of nine individuals and five teams made it to the first annual event; all of which finished proudly.

The duathlon consisted of a two-mile run to start and finish the race with an eight-mile bike ride in the middle. Participants were granted beautiful views of Susanville Ranch Park from start to finish.

In addition to the fundraising aspect of the event, the duathlon also gathered community members to share in the recent achievement of the Soaring Eagle Blue Star Moms, the purchase of an Angel Bike for navy veteran Goldie Nwachuku.

The recumbent trike was presented to Nwachuku in order to further assist her participation in sports designed for disabled military veterans. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend the duathlon.

The trike was given to Nwachuku in honor of local angel veteran Robert Hoadley, son of Gold Star Mom Cindie Abbott and Brian Abbott.

Hoadley served in the army and passed away while still active in the military. His memory will continue to live on as a plaque with his dedication was placed on the trike.

The idea for the duathlon began with Susanville Area Bicycle Association member Rod McCullough and The Bizz Running Company founder Linda Powell. McCullough and Powell attended a Blue Star Moms meeting in March of this year to propose a duathlon that would support local businesses as well as act as a fundraiser for the Blue Star Moms.

Blue Star Moms President Joanne Darlington commented that the event and the organization had received support from local and national sponsors.

Darlington said the money raised from the duathlon will go to the local Blue Star Moms chapter for banners, to support local military personnel in active duty and to finish paying for a second angel bike for a currently unknown veteran.

As for the duathlon’s results, The first individual to finish the race was Nicholas McBride with an overall time of 1:19:27.76. McBride finished the first run loop with a time of 15:48.016, the bike loop with a time of 45:59.510 and the second run loop with 17:27.65 on the board. With an additional 12.594 seconds added in for transition, Growdon earned the first-place title.

The first female to finish was Lindsy Campbell with an overall time of 1:21:57.15. Campbell finished the first run loop with a time of 16:14.686, the bike loop with 46:53.864 on the clock and the final run loop with a time of 17:46.58. With a total of 1:02.030 added to her time for transition, Campbell walked away as the first female to finish the duathlon as a solo athlete.

The first team to finish was Mary Cizn and Laura Burns. The ladies finished with an astonishing time of one hour and 13 minutes. Thus making them the first to finish of all competitors.

The remainder of the duathlon results are as followed:

Female 17-29 years:

1. Campbell.


Male 30-39 years

1. McBride; 2. Bubba Wright, total time 1:19:59.42, first run loop 15:48.016, bike loop 45:59.510, final run loop 17:27.650, transition 0:12.594; 3. Aaron Johnson, total time 1:22:53.73, first run loop 16:39.806, bike loop 43:37.144, final run loop 20:58.213, transition 0:45.090; 4. Antonio Jimenez, total time 1:26:28.55, first run loop 16:04.006, bike loop 50:35.517, final bike loop 19:16.176, transition 0:32.857.


Male 50-60 years:

1. Curt Theriault, total time 1:28:33.82, first run loop 16:10.850, bike loop 54:18.526, final run loop 17:33.726, transition 0:30.724.


Female 50-60 years:

1. Diane Rittmeister, total time 1:25:36.01, first run loop 19:15.986, bike loop 46:58.117, final run loop 18:33.730, transition 0:48.187.


Male 60 years and older:

1. Steve Salisbury, total time 1:40:24.00, first run loop 22:32.763, bike loop 54:09.427, final run loop 22:52.116, transition 0:49.700; 2. Rod McCullough, total time 1:46:16.35, first run loop 24:53.916, bike loop 51:44.824, final run loop 28:37.450, transition 1:00.170.


Overall coed team:

1. Mary Cizn and Laura Burns; 2. Fast and Furious—Kay Runyon and Mike Withers, total time 1:16:13.36, first run loop 18:09.766, bike loop 40:10.624, final run loop 17:38.923, transition 0:14:050; 3. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride—Robyn Taylor and Jim Reichle, total time 1:27:44.39, first run loop 22:24.676, bike loop 42:45.607, final run loop 22:04.640, transition 0:29.477; 4. Growdon One—Carol Growdon and Dean Growdon, total time 1:29:21.49, first run loop 20:31.980, bike loop 47:24.706, final run loop 21:01.840, transition 0:22.974; 5. Bad A$$ And Her Husband—Lisa Urquizu and Matt Urquizu, total time 1:38:20.52, first run loop 17:57.786, bike loop 1:01:31.250, final run loop 18:33.730, transition 0:17.764.


U16 youth team:

1. Growdon Two—Neil Growdon and Logan Growdon, total time 1:14:31.90, first run loop 12:32.153, bike loop 49:22.877, final run loop 12:14.560, transition 0:12:14.560.