Cougars break losing streak against Redwoods

The Lassen Community College Cougars baseball team hit the road to Eureka, California to take on the College of the Redwoods Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23.

The Cougars finally managed to break themselves free of the four game losing streak they had been on.
Defeating College of the Redwoods 4-3 in the first game, 2-1 in the second game, and then humiliated them 20-5 in their third game.

Game 1: Cougars vs. Redwoods
The Cougars started the first game against College of the Redwoods with Marlin Brucato as starting and winning pitcher. He allowed five hits, three runs, no walks and five strike outs.

The Cougars broke out early with their first run scored in the top of the second inning.

Cade Kissel was walked and then stole second on a throwing error by Redwoods’ catcher.

The Cougars’ pitcher, Brucato, came in with a sacrifice fly in the infield, giving Kissel the opportunity to make a run for home for the Cougars’ first run of the game.

In the top of the fourth, Lincoln Turner started the inning with a triple way out to left field, followed by Kissel who struck out. Brucato was then walked on a four-ball count.

Austin Majorsky singled out to right field advancing Brucato to second but bringing Turner in for the Cougars second run against Redwoods.

In the top of the fifth, the Cougars managed another run, as Nate Morgan was walked, then stole second after they attempted to pick him off at first but on an error he stole second.

Justin Geyer was next up to bat. On a wild pitch to Morgan, he stole third. Geyer, however struck out swinging. Aiden Leahy followed up and was walked, putting Morgan on third and Leahy on first, leading into Turner at bat.

Turner then made a sacrifice fly out to center field to bring Morgan home for the Cougars third run over Redwoods in the top of the fifth.

But Redwoods managed their own response in the bottom of the fifth.

As Redwoods loaded the bases, the Cougars managed a double play at first and second, but the runner on third for Redwoods brought the game to 3-1.

Cougars weren’t able to do much in the top of the sixth, other than get one on base, but Redwoods managed to tie with the Cougars putting up two more runs bringing the game to 3-3.

Cougars wouldn’t be able to get a jump on the score until the top of the ninth, where the Cougars managed their final run to beat the Redwoods in the first game.

Game 2: Cougars vs. Redwoods
The second game for the Cougars versus College of the Redwoods was a slower paced game, with a lower score. Both put up only seven hits.

The Cougars managed an early run in the top of the second. Turner kicked off the inning, grounding out to shortstop.

Then, Majorsky managed to make it to first on an error by Redwoods second baseman.

Anthony Pacifico was then walked, with Caleb Ariaz putting up a single putting Majorsky on third, Pacifico on second and Ariaz at first.

Morgan took the plate next and made a sacrifice fly in the infield to give Majorsky the opportunity for a run home.

It wouldn’t be until the seventh inning that the Cougars put up another run. The Redwoods, however, were still unable to get a runner across home.

Pacifico started the inning striking out, followed by Ariaz who flew out to centerfield, but it would be Morgan to smack a single base hit over first base to get things moving.

Geyer followed with a single of his own to advance Morgan to second, then Leahy got up with a clean hit to centerfield to bring Morgan in for a run for the Cougars to lead 2-0 in the top of the seventh.

Redwoods responded in the bottom of the eighth with single solo run to finish the game, losing to the Cougars, 2-1.

Game 3: Cougars vs. Redwoods
Following the 2-1 small ball game, the Cougars didn’t waste any time in the final game against Redwoods.

Geyer was first at bat in the top of the first inning. He opened up the game with a homerun to put the Cougars on the board as early as possible.

Then Brucato was walked on a four count. Kissel followed to first, after being struck by a pitch, advancing Brucato to second.

Turner was next up to bat, where he put up a single out to centerfield, bringing Brucato home for the Cougars’ second run in the first inning.

Redwoods managed a run on a sacrifice fly to for their response in the first inning.

The Cougars continued their onslaught with three more runs in the top of the second.

Morgan singled, then Geyer followed but lined out to second base, but Leahy singled to right field for an RBI bringing Morgan home.

Brucato reached first on an error by shortstop advancing Leahy to second. Kissel was at bat next but was hit by a pitch, loading the bases for the Cougars.

That’s when Turner stepped up for a single out to centerfield for two RBIs, and sending Leahy and Brucato home, bringing the score to 5-1 for the Cougars.

The Cougars put up another three runs in the top of the third inning. With Morgan on third and Geyer on second after stealing, Leahy doubled for two RBIs with Geyer and Morgan both scoring, then Brucato hit a single which brought Leahy home for their third run in the top of the third.

In the top of the fifth, the Cougars continued the pressure with five runs recorded.

The first two runs came as Morgan was on third. Jacob Bennet was on second, and Geyer on first. Leahy smacked it out to right field for Morgan and Bennett to score.

Once Brucato reached first on a fielders choice to shortstop, Leahy was caught out at second and Geyer advanced to third, Kissel was up to bat where he put out a single behind first base, for an RBI, sending Geyer home and Brucato advancing to second.

Layne Thacker stepped up with a single in the pocket behind second base, where he brought Kissel, and Brucato home to finish the inning with a total of five runs to bring the Cougars 13-1 over Redwoods leading into the bottom of the fifth inning.

College of the Redwoods would manage a one-run response in the bottom of the fifth, but still trailed by 11 runs.

Top of the sixth had the Cougars managing one run with Leahy putting up a sacrifice fly to centerfield, bringing Bennett home.

Going into the bottom of the sixth Redwoods put up two runs but was still trailing the Cougars by double digits.

The top of the seventh inning was the nail in the coffin for Redwoods, as the Cougars managed to mimic the fifth inning, putting up another five runs, and one more in the eighth inning.

The Cougars walked out with their heads held high, with the final score of 20-5.

The Cougars played the College of Siskiyous Friday, March 29 and a double header Saturday, March 30 the results were unavailable at press time but look for the results in the Tuesday, April 9 issue of the Lassen County Times.