Lassen Cougar Shaun Coyle, right, and Siskiyous player Ernesto Futigami both look to take possession during the Cougars’ Tuesday, Oct. 22 home game. Photo by Brian Walters

Cougars soccer press on with tough season and opponents

The Lassen College Cougars soccer team despite the difficult season continues to challenge and fight for a win this season. Thursday, Oct. 17 they hit the road to Eureka to play College of the Redwoods, where they took a 5-1 loss. That was followed by a fall to College of the Siskiyous 2-1 on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

At Eureka the game started hopefully as the Cougars went for the attack early on, just narrowly missing two goals, blocked by the Redwoods goal keeper.

The Cougars kept the pressure on, but trailed 2-1 leading into the second half giving the Redwoods the chance to take advantage of some bad luck to come out the victors.

In the Tuesday, Oct. 22 match up against College of the Siskiyous, the Cougars let a goal go by early which seemed to motivate the team to a smarter and more conservative play style.

For the rest of the first half the Cougars displayed excellent ball control with short passes, limiting their touches on the ball and not allowing Siskiyous to take advantage. Only minutes after, Monsoor Ahmed, the young freshman from England, stepped in and drove the team’s offense. He landed the only goal for the Cougars.

They continued a great first half not allowing Siskiyous another chance at a goal, but that changed going into the second half.

Siskiyous garnered a free kick at the Cougar’s goal, and despite his best efforts to set up a wall, Cougar goal keeper Emilio Martinez failed to set it up to stop the Siskiyous’ second goal.

Cougars kept the cautious play style, and wouldn’t take the chance to run the ball for another goal, but instead made Siskiyous chase the ball.

This puts the Cougars at 0-6-1 following the game with College of the Siskiyous in the Golden Valley Conference.

The Cougars faced off against Lake Tahoe Community College Friday, Oct. 25. Results were unavailable at press time.