Sophomore Jason Moore evades a Siskiyous player as he dribbles down court on Saturday, Feb. 11. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Cougars on two-win streak

The Lassen College Cougars hit a wild winning streak starting on Thursday, Feb. 9 against the College of the Redwoods.

Lassen hosted the Feb. 9 and ended up playing an excruciatingly close game against the Corsairs with 87-85 on the board.

The Cougars immediately saw the challenge ahead of them as the Corsairs took the court.

The first half was full of back-and-forth baskets with good passing seen from both teams.

Ultimatley, Lassen entered the second half down by two as Redwoods managed 37 points to counter with Lassen’s 35.

Lassen bumped up their style in the second half and ultimately ended the half with 39 points scored in comparison to the Corsairs’ consistent 37.

The 74-74 tie sent the men into overtime where slates were practically wiped clean.

Anxiety butterflies spread throughout the gym as fans on each side continued to excitedly root for their team.

The Cougars finally emerged triumphant from the overtime with 13 points scored on their behalf to counter the 11 point gain for the Corsairs.

The next game for the Cougars was against the College of the Siskiyous on Saturday, Feb. 11.

The Siskiyou Eagles came for a fight, but the fled after seeing the power behind the Cougar Den. Lassen won 97-84.

The Eagles began the game up by five as the first two minutes shared nothing good for Lassen.

However, Theron Durham brought the Cougars eye-to-eye with the Eagles with a three-pointer and a two-point field goal by the time the clock hit 16:30.

Danny Spinuzza caught on to the Cougar scoring spirit and landed a three-pointer with 15:43 on the clock.

Theron Durham makes two of two attempted free throws during the Saturday, Feb. 11 game against College of the Siskiyous. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Siskiyou made another stab at the board with a basket, but Durham wasn’t done hearing the crowd chant his name. Durham’s basket brought the Cougars up to 10 points.

With a basket made by Bruno Castillo and two baskets and a free throw made by the Eagles, the score hit a 12-12 tie.

Siskiyous ended up in the lead once more with a good layup and free throw, but three-pointers by Damien Trujillo and Jason Moore diminished the Eagles’ dreams.

A three-pointer by Siskiyou brought the tie back into discussion with 18-18 on the board, but it didn’t last long.

Castillo and Cameron Brown hit a basket each before the clock reached nine minutes. Then, Brown and Trujillo each scored another basket before handing the ball back to Castillo to land a good free throw.

The Eagles leaped forward five points by 6:45, but a technical foul on their behalf led Colby Johnson to score a free throw for the Cougars.

Siskiyou gained another four points by the five minute mark, but Johnson shined again with a three-pointer.

The Eagles made a three-pointer in response, but Johnson countered with two three-pointers and a two-point field goal by the time the clock hit 2:30.

Siskiyou managed to make another four points by the end of the half, but Lassen plowed over Eagle success with a free throw by Trujillo and a total of seven points gained by Spinuzza.

Spinuzza was first to advance on the 50-34 halftime score by shooting a good three-pointer less than 30 seconds into the half.

Castillo quickly followed up with a basket at 18:50 before the Eagles had a chance to retaliate.

Siskiyou advanced by four points before handing the ball off to Durham for two good free throws.

Following Durham, Spinuzza hit a good three-pointer and Johnson had a couple free throws of his own.

Five points for the Eagles brought Lassen into the final 15 minutes of the game.

Moore was next in the spotlight with a layup and good free throw to follow, and from the Eagle’s attempted pass post-basket, Durham successfully intercepted and made an additional layup for Lassen.

Basket successes started to sway back-and-forth after a timeout was called with 68-45, Cougars, on the board.

Siskiyou hit a basket with 14:27 on the clock, but Johnson countered with a three-pointer.

The Eagles hit a basket with 14 minutes remaining, but Moore snuck in a basket to follow-up.

Moore landed a three-pointer with 12:25 remaining of the game, but Siskiyou challenged the advance with four points before the final ten minutes.

Two good free throws and a basket by Trujillo were countered with a basket and a three-pointer by Siskiyou.

Castillo sandwiched another Siskiyou three-pointer with two-point field goals, and Spinuzza followed with two good free throws.

Another couple baskets from the Eagles matched with free throws and a basket from Castillo to bring the score to 90-75 once the clock hit the final four minutes.

Kenny Macklin came into the game just in time to score a three-pointer before Siskiyou landed another basket.

Trujillo hit two good free throws and the Eagles followed with three free throws and a basket.

Denzil Guwa hoped on board with a layup with 46 seconds on the clock to bring Lassen to 97 points.

The last score of the night was made by the Eagles to bring the Siskiyou score up wot 84 points.

The next challenger for the Cougars was Butte on Wednesday, Feb. 15. The Cougars lost 79-57.