Council appoints Tax Oversight Board members; city administrator seeks counsel’s opinion on appointments

At its Tuesday, Oct. 19 meeting, with approval of the Susanville City Council, each councilmember appointed a representative to serve on the Sales Tax Oversight Board that will review the expenditure of funds generated by a 1 percent sales tax increase approved by the voters during the June 7 election,

Councilmember Mendy Schuster nominated Tom Downing, Councilmember Thomas Herrerra nominated Curtis Bortle, Councilmember Russ Brown nominated Tony Ardito and Mayor Quincy McCourt nominated James Merchant. Councilmember Kevin Stafford said his planned nominee may have a conflict of interest, and he plans to nominate someone at the council’s next meeting. All four nominees were approved individually, with Schuster casting a lone no vote on Bortle’s appointment.

Following the nominations and approvals, City Administrator Dan Newton said he would seek an opinion from City Attorney Margaret Long regarding the appointments since two of the appointees already serve on the Susanville Planning Commission (Merchant and Ardito) and a third serves as an alternate (Bortle).