Council holds special meeting Tuesday

The Susanville City Council hosts a special meeting at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 31 to respond to a broken pipe at the Diamond Mountain Golf Course.

According to the agenda, a broken water pipe in the ceiling of the club house was discovered Jan. 22. Despite heating the facility to 55 degrees, the pipe apparently froze and burst. The leak went unnoticed for “a couple of days.”

According to the staff report, ” Due to the urgency of drying out of the facility to prevent further damage, including mold, a local contractor has already begun to open up some of the flooded areas and dehumidify the interior space. In addition, the city’s insurance adjuster has been contacted to begin the claims process. The immediate expenditure of funds is necessary to safeguard city property and, although this is an insurance-reimbursed project, the public contract code still applies.”

According to the staff report, “Insurance deductible up to $25,000. May be reduced to $1,000 if elected to use the banking layer.”

According to Resolution No. 23-6093, the city administrator will be authorized to “engage and execute” a contract to begin repairs” and the finance manager will be authorized to “modify the budget as needed to accommodate the repairs.”