Council ratifies local disaster-emergency declaration

By a unanimous 3-0 vote, the Susanville City Council approved Resolution No. 21-5901 “ratifying the existence f a local disaster-emergency, designating authorized representatives and appointing Director of Civil Defense and Disaster Coordinator of Civil Defense and disaster organization and operations.”

Mayor Mendy Schuster and councilmembers Thomas Herrera and Quncy McCourt voted aye on the item presented by Dan Newton, interim city administrator as the only action item on the agenda. Councilmembers Brian Moore and Kevin Stafford were absent.

According to the municipal code, the Director of Civil Defense and Disaster may declare a local emergency “when the city is affected or likely to be affected by a public calamity” and the city council is not in session.

On July 20, Schuster, acting as the director, declared a local emergency caused by the Dixie Fire and the severe energy shortage which began July 18, and that declaration needed to be ratified by the council within seven days.

A copy of the resolution was sent to the governor asking that he proclaim Lassen County and Susanville to be an a “state of disaster-emergency” and request the president of the United States to do the same.

The city administrator, the fire chief, the public works director and the chief of police were designated as authorized representatives and agents to receive, process and coordinate state and federal assistance.