Council to approve allocation of remaining $1.4 million in ARPA funds Wednesday

The Susanville City Council meets at 5 p.m. Wednesday, July 3 and the allocation of $1.4 million in American Rescue Plan is perhaps the most anticipated item on the agenda.

According to the staff report, Resolution No. 24-6328, if approved, will provide funding for six projects — $359,000 for a new fire engine ( a total expenditure of $930,000 with $571,000 coming from the General Fund PG&E settlement funds); $100,000 for improvements at the Susanville Elks Lodge; $450,000 for developing a performing arts center in Susanville; $244,000 for a storage building behind the museum; $143,000 for a Little League bathroom; and $150,00 for establishing a code enforcement abatement fund.

According to the staff report, “Resolution No. 24-6328 memorializes the allocation of ARPA funds; however, with the exception of the code enforcement abatement fund, each project requires further development and future action by City Council. The performing arts center and Elk’s Lodge both require sub- recipient agreements. The fire engine purchase, museum storage building, and Little League bathroom projects will require purchase/service agreements with the vendors or contractors performing the work.”

According to the resolution, “In the event the performing arts center project is determined to be infeasible by the City Council, the city will used the $450,000 allocation to repay city debt in the amount of $450,000.”

Other items on the agenda include a closed session (conference with real property negotiator re: the Ramset Ditch and a conference with labor negotiators (management unit, Susanville Police Officers Association unit and public works unit)); Business from the Floor (public comment); Consent Calendar (minutes for the June 19 meeting, vendor and payroll warrants, monthly financial reports (January through March 2024), and Resolution No. 24-6328 approving the allocation of the ARPA funds; New Business (rescheduling the July 17 meeting to July 16, resolution No. 24-6329 approving Government Crime Insurance Policy for bonding officers and employees and establishing policy limits, and Resolution No. 24-6330 approving the Ramsey Ditch agreement); Department reports and future council items.

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