County looks to collect on abated nuisances

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved the placement of liens on eight identified county properties for nuisance abatements in its continued effort to eradicate illegal cannabis grows throughout the area.

The liens help the county recover costs associated with the abatements. Including tax, the eight combined — if all collected — recoup about $148,220. There was a ninth abatement on the agenda; however, the item was withdrawn pending clarification on the lien amount.

During the eight agenda items, several properties owners sought decreased penalty amounts citing lack of noticing, financial hardship an unclear abatement requirements.

Ultimately, full proposed liens were placed against the eight properties — including some in Ravendale, Bieber, Janesville, Termo, and Doyle.

There was also some discussion of property owners landing the responsibility of the liens when the renters were the ones out of compliance.

“It’s kind of tough when people don’t do their homework and do their research and they’re going to lease the land out or rent it out to somebody and they don’t keep an eye on it,” said Supervisor Gary Bridges, adding it wasn’t fair but was the law. “They are taken advantage of, but they didn’t due their diligence.”