County recognizes foster youth, families and providers

Lassen County honored local foster youth, families and supportive agencies as the Lassen County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution recognizing May as National Foster Care Month.

Lassen County Chief Probation Officer Jennifer Branning and Community Social Services Director Jenna Aguilera shared some local statistics and thanked everyone during the Tuesday, May 11 Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting.

“This is a time that we get to thank foster parents and appreciate them, we get to hold up and support our foster youth, and we get to look at all the different providers who touch their lives,” said Branning.

During 2020, about 40 children entered the foster care system in Lassen County, Aguilera shared, the county substantiated 99 cases of abuse and neglect allegations, and as of Tuesday there were 57 children in foster care.

Aguilera shared there has also noted there has been an increase in the local resource family approval program, which allows children to stay locally in the system. There are 18 approved households, and 16 pending applications.

Branning shared there will be continued the local department would continue to share information on social media.

Moreover, probation and child and family services staff were recognized for their continued efforts with foster youth.

The supervisors voted unanimously to pass the resolution declaring May as National Foster Care Month.