COVID-19 Incident Command dispels rumors

The Lassen County COVID-19 Incident Command took the opportunity to dispel some rumors Monday, March 30.

In a video posted to the site, Deputy Public Information Officer Kristen Wilburn spoke about state borders

“There are no border controls. You can go, you can move freely from state to state at this time. So that is a rumor we’d like to dispel,” said Wilburn. “Obviously we don’t want you out there traveling unless you have to; per the governor’s order, preferably stay at home.”

Moreover, Wilburn noted Banner Lassen has “been working tirelessly to make sure that they are ready  for this type of event.”

She said the local hospital has been working with Incident Command to increase capacity incase they need to use those facilities.

According to the Incident Command release, Banner Lassen has not seen an increase in patient census and volumes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wilburn also said is constantly updated with information as they receive information.

“What we know, you know. We’re not hiding anything, we’re not trying to keep anything from you. it is important you know what’s going on in our county,” Wilburn said.