D.C. veteran and author Kash Patel says ‘nothing's going to stop Donald Trump” next November.

D.C. veteran and author Kash Patel says ‘nothing’s going to stop Donald Trump”

Kash Patel served in the Trump administration in the White House, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. He had a front row view of the deep state at its worst. In a recent interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens and host of AMAC’s Better For America podcast, he discussed why he penned the newly published book titled “Government Gangsters: The Deep State, the Truth, and the Battle for Our Democracy.”

Dictionaries describe the term deep state as “a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.”

Former President Donald Trump.

As Patel put it, “There have always been corrupt actors in government. And the trigger point for them was when Donald Trump was elected. Once that happened, they all got together and lost their minds because Donald Trump threatened to do the one thing deep staters never want to have happen: invade the swamp for the American people and expose their corrupt activities and the forever war.”

He suggested that perhaps it will happen again should President Trump be re-elected in 2024 and that it’s the reason he’s being oppressed.

“I wish it just wasn’t a reality,” Patel said. “I wish there weren’t individuals who conjure up false impeachment charges like Eric Carmelo who embedded himself in the intelligence community. And the one warning I have for your audience is if you think they did it back then, what do you think they’re doing now to get ready for an upcoming Donald Trump victory in 2024? My warning is we’ve got to get ahead of it in the next year. Electing Donald Trump is a priority, but between now and then, we’ve got to educate America that it’s not a right-wing conspiracy.”

Patel went on to encourage voters to get involved in the election process early.

“Every single one of you listening and watching this show needs to pick one issue in your community that you care about that you want to see improved, whatever it is, and spend the next 410 days until the election driving hard on that issue,” Patel said. “That’s how you win. I know it’s a lot of work and I know Donald Trump’s going to outwork everybody on the national stage. But if we don’t get our communities together and educate them, they’re going to be duped by another election rigging scam from the DOJ and FBI, and we’ll find out about it after the election is over and people have learned the hard way. There’s no way to reverse course. It’s not up to federal officials to govern elections. Unless we go out there and ballot harvest and get our votes lawfully collected and counted, then they’re going to win again.”

In conclusion, Patel had a warning.

“After he’s been baselessly charged four times, and who knows what else is going to come down the pike, he’s using it to show everyday Americans that they’re targeting you.” Patel said. “They may not like Donald Trump, but they see the fact that they have criminalized free speech. It doesn’t matter whether you won or lost the election. You have a right to say you won every election from now until the end of time. The Democrats did it. Hillary Clinton did it. Nancy Pelosi did it. Hakeem Jeffries did it. But Donald Trump does it and it’s criminal. And when push comes to shove, they have the DOJ mandate to try and charge him with insurrection and possession of classified documents. They create new fancy legal verbiage to charge him with, quote-unquote, insurrection, but we didn’t charge him with that, we just think he’s a bad guy. He shouldn’t have said he won the election. That was rude. And they charge him and then they go over to the classified documents case. And I know, I used to handle these cases and they could have charged him with unlawfully possessing classified material.  They didn’t. They used a statute that’s 100 years old that was used to charge sailors for taking maps that they possessed, material they shouldn’t have. And in the process, they violated the Presidential Records Act and President Trump’s executive privilege and his ability to take whatever he wants, just like Clinton, just like Obama, just like Bush did.  But if Donald Trump does it, hang on, it’s illegal. So, he has this ability to show the world that this two-tier system of justice is coming for you. And the only fix is to elect President Trump and get Americans educated on it. I don’t know how these cases are going to play out, but I know one thing. Nothing’s going to stop Donald Trump.”