Dahle asks constituents to sign petition supporting his bill, SB 14

Brian Dahle. File photo

According to a statement from Brian Dahle, District 1’s state senator, “Earlier this year‚ I introduced Senate Bill 14‚ to combat human trafficking. This bill will hold sex traffickers of minors accountable by classifying this crime as a serious felony. Shockingly‚ the sex trafficking of a minor is not listed as a serious crime under California law.

“Thankfully‚ the entire California State Senate is onboard with this proposed law. It passed unanimously out of the Senate, and more than half of the state legislature has co-sponsored this bill. However‚ our fight is not over. This Friday SB 14 faces a key vote in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

“That’s where you come in. SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY in support of SB 14 and to show that you’re standing up against human trafficking.

“Thank you for your support of California’s children.”