Dahle rails against governor’s electrical vehicle plan

According to an April 29 statement from Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Dahle, California Governor Gavin Newsom’s illogical and devastating plan for electrical vehicles will ruin the stsate’s economy.

Here is the text of Dahle’s message.

In the last two years, Newsom has set a deadline of banning the sale of all newly manufactured gas-powered vehicles by 2035, and more recently set a date of Jan. 1, 2024, banning the new sale of gas-powered lawn equipment and generators (engines under 25 horsepower).

While at first, you may have thought that this was another instance of “California being California,” the consequences of these laws will wreak havoc on our economy.

The list is long, but here are just three ways in which this attack on gas engines will be devastating.

Electric commercial trucks are estimated to cost 10 times more than gas-powered trucks.  When truckers and small businesses have to begin buying more expensive vehicles, what does that mean to you? The cost of goods will go through the roof – taking your money out of your wallet.

Landscape businesses will shut down.  The average landscape crew will likely not be able to carry enough batteries to power its equipment for a full day of work.  These companies will require so much retrofitting of their entire workshop and daily process that they will likely not survive.

The California power grid will fail.  Our state’s electric grid simply won’t be able to handle that much power output.  We can’t even handle the current draw on our grid during hot summer months and planned power outages have become a way of life.

There’s no logic in their mandates. I’m tired of Californians bearing the brunt of policies that have no implementation strategy. These are the policies that ‘price out’ Californians and force them to move out of state. We must elect leadership with logical and lasting solutions.