Dearheart Preschool youth show off their drumming talents and have a good time. Photos by Makenzie Davis

Dearheart Preschool drummers

Michael Rivas leads Dearheart Preschool students with some rhythmic and sometimes very passionate drumming Monday, Oct. 21. Bree Harris, left, Maverick Harris, “Action” Jackson Herrmann, Zachy Baldoz, “Cracker Jack” Jackson Fletcher, Levi Matchniff, Evelyn Harkness and Bekston Wade show off their drumming skills.


Consumed with excitement, “Action” Jackson Herrmann, Zachy Baldoz drums along with Michael Rivas during Dearheart Preschool’s drumming day activity.


Bree and Maverick Harris have some fun drumming during their morning at Dearheart Preschool Monday, Oct. 21.