Democracy is a good thing

You have heard that democracy is based on rule of law decided by the majority. That whole history is no joke folks. Humane law that most folks agree on is much preferable to tyranny decided on by only a few.
But today we are giving up on law in favor of a radical libertarian life that says we can’t regulate anybody’s behavior, whether individual, small group, or large corporation.

The thing is, when parents back away from enforcing rules in the household, young people then resent community rules when they leave the home. They act badly everywhere like they did in their own homes and demand freedom to do what they want.

When we let criminals roam free in society because of lack of law enforcement, we are asking for a dictator to come to power and clean things up.

It is time to straighten out young folks in our homes. More chores is a good idea. It is also time to put criminals to hard labor so they will think twice about committing crime again.

It’s called democracy. It’s a good thing.

Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross, Utah