Dennis Prager says, ‘We are living through a tragedy, a massive decline in the quality of life of America’

Prager University is not a real school; it’s an effective effort, better known as PragerU, to provide youngsters, in particular, with 21st century civics lessons.

It’s the brainchild of conservative radio talk show host Dennis Mark Prager, who produces short videos about “the moral problems of society.” They are widely distributed, and they attract a billion views a year — the great majority of whom are under 35 years of age. In fact, several schools, in Oklahoma and Florida, use them in their classrooms. Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens and host of AMAC’s Better For America podcast, interviewed Prager recently.

Prager focused on the Left’s motivation. “There is no example in history of the Left allowing dissent,” he said. “So, if the left has judicial power, they will suppress it. If the Left has media power, they will declare everything. Remember when people said that the COVID virus started in a lab that was declared across the board from the New York Times to The Washington Post to the L.A. Times.

“They lie because truth is not a Left-wing value. It is a liberal value. It is a conservative value truth. It is not a Left-wing value. That’s why The Washington Post, New York Times got a Pulitzer Prize for reporting for two years the collusion, quote unquote, between the Trump campaign and Russia. It was a gigantic lie. It was as big a lie as the earth is flat. And they got a Pulitzer Prize for it because the Pulitzer Prize is compromised by left leaning people. And that’s been true for a long time.

“They gave the prize in 1932 to The New York Times reporter who denied the Stalin induced mass murder of Ukrainians through what the Ukrainians called the starvation holocaust. Five, 6 million Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death and The New York Times denied there was even a famine there. The rot, the moral and intellectual rot of the Left is something they need to protect by not allowing voices that expose it. So they will censor whenever possible.”

He went on to describe the difference between Leftists and liberals.

“Conservatives vote their values,” he said. “Leftists vote their values. Liberals do not. That’s the essence of the American tragedy, because we are living through a tragedy, a massive decline in the quality of life of America. And I don’t mean material quality of life, though that too. It is because liberals don’t vote their values. They are so convinced that their enemy is Conservatism, not Leftism, which is 100 percent incorrect.

“Their enemy is Leftism. Liberals believe in racial integration and Leftists believe in racial segregation. Leftists believe in all black dormitories. No liberal does. Liberals believe in free speech? No Leftist does. My field of study all my life has been about the Left.

“In the Russian Institute at Columbia University in the 1970s I learned Russian to study communism. I went to communist countries repeatedly. There is no example since 1917 of the Left being in power, either a country or an institution, and allowing free speech. There is not one example. And there’s a reason, because the Leftists know that with free speech, it’s the end of the Left. Liberals do not believe it’s the end of liberalism with free speech. Conservatives do not believe it’s the end of conservatism with free speech. But the Left knows the only way they can succeed is to suppress dissent. That is not a liberal value. Liberals believe in free speech.

“Another example, which I gave years ago, not just because of the current issue in the Middle East, is that liberals were passionate in their support of Israel, and the Left hates Israel. Liberals were passionate in their support of capitalism. The Left hates capitalism. There is no liberal value, other than larger government, that the Left agrees with. So, it’s quite a stretch. It’s the tragedy of our time that liberals don’t vote their values.”

Prager went on to discuss the Middle East war between Israel and the Hamas factions. He put it simply that “one side wants the other side dead. That is the issue in a nutshell. The Israelis do not want Palestinians dead. They have offered the Palestinian states five times, and the Palestinians refused the states five times. They don’t want two states. They want one state with Israel obliterated. That’s their motto. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. What is the river to the sea?  The Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. That’s where Israel is. [It’s] the only campaign on earth to annihilate a country. There is no parallel on the face of the earth.

“Even Russia does not want to annihilate Ukraine. They want to take over some Ukrainian territory, but they don’t want to destroy the nation of Ukraine and its inhabitants. There is only one example of that on earth, and that is of the neighbors of Israel and their massive supporters in the Muslim and Left-wing world to destroy Israel and its inhabitants.

“If you want proof, just ask yourself two questions. What would happen if Israel announced we will lay down our arms and fight no longer?  And what would happen if the Palestinians announced we will lay down our arms and fight no longer?  In the first case, there would be the obliteration of the Jews of Israel. In the second case, there would be peace. That’s all you need to know. What should the United States do?  The question is completely legitimate. The question would have been equal in 1938, 39 and 40 [when] Britain and Nazi Germany were fighting. What should America do?  There were people who said nothing; it’s not our business.

“Okay, I admit we can’t get involved in every war. But not even to aid Israel which shares our values, one of the staunchest allies America has and has had for 75 years?”