Many Dirty Deeds CrossFit athletes made the journey to Carson City, Nevada to participate in The New Kids In The Box Competition on Saturday, July 15. Here, athletes Stacy Clark, back left, Don Clark, Kim Clark, Celina Cervantes, Bailee Glenn, Lynda Branch, Ryan Hinojosa, Jessica Hinojosa, Ashley Glenn, Tommy Glenn, Tiny Thompson, Riley Simmons, Beau Meier, Rob Schmidt, Megan Schmidt, Dawn Egan, front left, and Rod McCollough join together for a group photo at the competition. Photo submitted

Dirty Deeds CrossFit takes on Carson City

Stacy Clark, center, wins first place for the women’s master’s division on Saturday, July 15 in Carson City, Nevada. Photo submitted

On Saturday, July 15, athletes from Susanville’s Dirty Deeds CrossFit partifipated in The New Kids In The Box Competition in Carson City, Nevada.

Including the Susanville athletes, there were more than 150 athletes from different boxes in the Reno/Carson City area in attendance.

The competition consisted of four workouts of the day, commonly referred to as WODs, as well as a fifth WOD for the top five athletes in each division.

The first WOD was 21-15-9 deadlifts and 12-9-6 burpee box jumps with a time limit of six minutes.

The second and third WOD consisted of a 1,000-meter row prior to finding a three-rep max front squat within the time limit of nine minutes.

The fourth WOD included three rounds of a 175-meter run and 15 ground to overhead exercises. The athletes were required to do all three rounds within the eight-minute time limit.

The fifth WOD saw a total of 15 athletes compete. The athletes earned their slot in the fifth round based on their performance in one of the following divisions: Men’s and women’s

Jessica Hinojosa performs a front squat in the final competition during The New Kids In The Box Competition on Saturday, July 15. Photo submitted

novice, men’s and women’s intermediate and the men’s and women’s masters division. The masters division is specifically for athletes aged 35 years or older.

This round of the competition consisted of 21 hang cleans, 15 front squats, nine push presses and finally 15 bar-over burpees.

Dirty Deeds CrossFit had athletes compete in every division.

Four of the Susanville athletes earned a spot in the fifth WOD: Stacy Clark, Dawn Egan, Jessica Hinjosa and Rob Schmidt.

Stacy Clark took first in the women’s masters division.

According to Dirty Deeds CrossFit co-owner, Kim Clark, the Dirty Deeds CrossFit athletes have at-most 18 months of experience with the sport as the Susanville box opened less than two years ago.

Regardless of their limited experience, the Susanville athletes performed exceptionally well at the competition and definitely represented the Lassen County community well.