Dixie Fire prompts evacuation order for area south of Mountain Meadows Reservoir; warning issued for Westwood, Pine Town area

A Mandatory Evacuation Order has been issued Wednesday evening, Aug. 4, for the unpopulated area south of Mountain Meadows Reservoir from Hamilton Branch waterway east to the Lassen/Plumas County line. Zone LAS-E019. Please leave the area immediately.

Evacuation Warnings have been issued for the following areas:

· Westwood and Pine Town area south of Hwy 36 from the Westwood Landfill Rd. east to Moonlight Ranch Rd. zone LAS-E023

· Clear Creek, south of Hwy 36 from the Lassen County line east to the Westwood Landfill “haul road”. Zone LAS-E020

The emergency alert zone map can be accessed at this link: https://community.zonehaven.com/?latlon=40.24225707357189,-120.94421317813146&z=11.290092824389829&selected=LAS-E019

Safety Message: Those who require additional time to evacuate, and those with pets and livestock should leave now. Please use caution while leaving the area. Drive with your headlights on and yield to emergency personnel. Be aware that changes in fire activity may cause this warning to escalate to a mandatory evacuation order at any time. If you need assistance evacuating, call non-emergency dispatch at 530-257-6121. Deputies will be going door to door to make notification.

An Emergency Shelter has been set up at Lassen Community College located at 478-200 CA-139, Susanville. The Emergency Shelter number is (530) 250-9004.