Modified racers Chase Neiman, left and Matt Murphy speed up for the straightaway after another turn around the track on Friday, May 26. Photo by Ashley Grogan

DMS results, stock car racer Joe Marlow shares insight

The Diamond Mountain Speedway race season is in full swing at the Lassen County Grandstands. Racers from the different divisions gave a great send-off to May with the Friday, May 26 races.

One of the racers, Joe Marlow, took the time to provide an insight as to what racing means to him.

Marlow has been racing for 56 years and has been behind the wheel of midget cars, modified midgets, mini sprints, sprints, stock cars and mini stock.

Currently, Marlow competes in the stock car races in Susanville.

Marlow began his racing career when he was under the age of 10 years as he often watched his brothers race in Oroville, California as well as at the Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, California.

He began his racing career at the age of 7 years with dirt kart racing in Winston, Oregon.

After the inspiration from family drove him to start racing, the journey never ended for Marlow. In 1970, he took his passion for racing to Arkansas. Though he would occasionally race in Susanville, Marlow didn’t establish a permanent residence in Susanville until 1993.

According to Marlow, Susanville has seen races from the stock car racer for a total of 26 years.

Marlow said he doesn’t set specific goals for the racing season as he just uses the sport as a recreational pastime. According to the stock car racer, his main motivation for continuing in the sport is the support he receives from his friends and family.

“I get to race alongside Richard Longacre. He is my best friend, and if it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be racing right now,” said Marlow.

In addition to Longacre, Marlow expressed his thanks toward mini racer Raymond Talavera for helping him build and maintain his vehicle.

Talavera has been a great support for Marlowe financially as well as in spirit. Marlowe said he doesn’t participate in the heat races to ensure the car continues to function loyally.

In general, Marlow was sure to thank his many family members and friends who sponsor him as well as support his passion.

Ryan Belli sports an American Flag as he races around the track on Friday, May 26. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The results from the May 26 races are as followed:


Modified division:

1. Larry McCracken, No. 06, 40 points; 2. Mitch Murphy, No. 7m, 39 points; 3. Matt Murphy, No. 6m, 38 points; 4. Jeff Olschowka, No. 121, 37 points; 5. Chris Neiman, No. 3, 36 points; 6. Tyler Patzke, No. 9p, 35 points; 7. Steve Bejeck, No. 20, 34 points; 8. Steve Boucher, No. 177, 33 points; 9. Chase Neiman, No. 1, 32 points.

10. Nevin Kennemore, No. 23k, 31 points.


Sports modified division:

1. Craig Nieman, No. 7n, 33 points; 2. Bob Feller, No. 2b, 32 points; 3. Jason Emmot, No. 9, 31 points.


Stock car division:

Heat race

1. Steven Cain, No. 2, 3 points; 2. Shana Robertson, No. 7n, 2 points; 3. Richard Longacre, No. 7, 1 point.


Main event

1. Longacre, 40 points; 2. Cain, 39 points; 3. Robertson, 38 points; 4. Rick Higby, No. 2x, 37 points; 5. Larry Foster, No. 34, 36 points; 6. Joe Marlow, No. 00, 35 points.


Mini division:

Heat race No. 1

1. Larry Whitebird, No. 97, 3 points; 2. Raymond Talavera, No. 69r, 2 points; 3. Ryan Belli, No. 63, 1 points.


Heat race No. 2

1. Ray Talavera Jr., No. 23r, 3 points; 2. Kyle Belli, No. 9, 2 points; 3. Tom Davis, No. 75, 1 point.


Main event

1. Cody Kennemore, No. 50, 40 points; 2. Whitebird, 39 points; 3. Kate Robertson, No. 7, 38 points; 4. Ryan Belli, 37 points; 5. Wyatt Spalding, No. 25, 36 points; 6. Caleb Eckels, No. 1, 35 points; 7. Davis, 34 points; 8. Ray Talavera Jr., 33 points; 9. David Wilson, No. 18x, 32 points.

10. Kyle Belli, 31 points; 11. Raymond Talavera, 30 points; 12. Colton Lawson, No. 32, 29 points.