Dock removed for season at Gallatin Low Water Boat Ramp

Spalding Boat Ramp dock removal this morning.

Editor’s note and update: As this story posted, we received this reply and photo from Spalding resident Ellen Stallings. “The Eagle Lake Ranger District employees have decided that their convenience is more important than the recreation opportunities for residents and have pulled the dock at the only available Eagle Lake ramp right before the Thanksgiving weekend begins. I was told by employee Brian Newman that the dock was pulled today because of equipment availability. What about his job to provide recreation opportunities for visitors to the forest? Dozens of families have made fishing plans for this holiday weekend and many fishing guides have booked trips and cabins have been reserved and this action leaves all those without access to the lake on this major holiday. This photo shows Forest Service crews removing the dock.The crew boss was indifferent to our request to keep the dock in place until after Thanksgiving saying it was more convenient for staff to do it now. I find that an unacceptable reason for his action.”

As we share resources with forest priority projects, including road work and restoration for the Dixie Fire footprint and maintaining access for the public to developed recreation across the forest, the availability of heavy equipment needed requires careful planning and scheduling many weeks prior to operations. The Eagle Lake Ranger District is removing the dock at Gallatin Low Water Boat Ramp today, Thursday, Nov. 16.

The uncertainty of winter weather’s arrival is always a challenge to predict as we work to protect critical infrastructure and valued recreation across the forest.

“Reserving heavy equipment for this seasonal activity was planned at the end of October to protect the dock at Gallatin Low Water Boat Ramp,” said Brian Newman, Natural Resource Specialist. “It is important to get the dock out prior to any ice build-up on Eagle Lake and while we have the available resources to do this safely,”

Though originally planned for removal tomorrow, the availability of the heavy equipment necessary to remove the dock for the season made it necessary to do so a day early.

The ramp at the lake will continue to remain open for public use. In this high elevation area, when winter moves in in force, snow remains in the area and limits accessibility.

LNF will continue to clear snow from the ramp as conditions and equipment availability allows during the snowy season, to provide public access for the area.

As the season changes and winter weather rolls in, contact your local ranger district office for the most recent conditions for roads, trails, and developed recreation sites. Seasonal closures and winterizing has begun across the forest.

Check the website for updated campground and day use availability at

If you have any additional questions regarding the Gallatin Low Water Boat Ramp you can reach Brian Newman at or Bobette Jones, Eagle Lake Ranger District Ranger at

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