Don’t fall for scammers posing as the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office provided information about a local telephone scam.

According to a statement from the LCSO, “We have been made aware that members from the public have been contacted by someone claiming to be from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center. The scammers are using an application that falsely identifies the caller as our dispatch center.

“The recipients are informed they failed to appear on a subpoena from the Lassen County Grand Jury and have an outstanding warrant for their arrest.

“The person will be asked to go to a local store and visit (a) kiosk to place money on a prepaid card and send the card in to clear the warrant.

“The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office does not handle warrants in such a manner. We will contact you in person for any outstanding warrants or subpoena service. Please do not give anyone your information or submit payments to people making these claims.

“If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Sheriff’s Office at (530) 257-6121.”