Don’t forget your sweetie on Valentine’s Day this Friday

Ah, we’d better all mark our calendars: Friday, Feb. 14 — Valentine’s Day will be here soon. Now here’s a day we don’t want to miss! It’s a romantic day we set aside each year so we can pamper, recognize, acknowledge and shower that special someone in our life with all the love and thanks we can muster.

While many among us can afford a brilliant night on the town in Reno or Lake Tahoe, there are plenty of ways for us local folks to celebrate Valentine’s Day right here in Susanville, our hometown.

If jewelry is in your future on this special day, don’t miss the great sale going on at Sierra Jewelry on Main Street. Check them out — you can probably find a gift he or she will cherish for a lifetime at a price you can afford.

Flowers will always be popular on Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget to pay a visit to Milwood Florist and Nursery if you’re looking for a big bouquet or other gifts.

Candy is another popular item come Valentine’s Day, and if you want something a little more special than box candy, try Merry Morsels and the Elegant Iris, Men’s Den.

Don’t worry about being all dressed up with no place to go. Many eateries in town are pulling out all the stops for Valentine’s Day, with special menu items for your holiday delight including Courthouse Cafe, Mazatlan Grill, The White House, Happy Garden, El Tepeyac Grille and Lassen Steaks. For sure — there’s nothing quite like a special, quiet romantic meal for you and your loved one.

For those who will spend the evening at home, try the special heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s Pizza. And, believe it or not, they also offer Keto crustless pizzas.

We here at the Lassen County Times wish each and every one of you a perfect and satisfying Valentine’s Day you will never, ever forget.



Measure N sales tax money will not go into the general fund

In an editorial in the Tuesday, Feb. 4 edition of the Lassen County Times, we reported, “ … the 1 percent sales tax measure that will provide an estimated $1.8 million annually to the city’s general fund, revenue specifically earmarked for public safety purposes only.”

Actually, the revenue collected from the sales tax, if Measure N is approved by the voters, will not go to the city’s general fund — it will go directly to the city’s newly created public safety budgets with 60 percent of the sales tax revenue going to the Susanville Police Department and 40 percent of the sales tax revenue going to the Susanville Fire Department.

The complete text of Measure N is printed in today’s issue of the Lassen County Times on pages 12A and 13A so readers may read and ponder the exact details of the measure for themselves.

The Times regrets the error.