Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Biden at a loss with China, the alleged Russian coup and President Trump takes back the presidency

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a deputy adviser on national security issues to President Donald Trump, has put America first ever since he became a proud citizen in 2012. He is a prolific author and commentator for the Salem radio network and Newsmax TV. He is also a contributor for AMAC News, the online current affairs website of the Association of Mature American Citizens. He recently joined Rebecca Weber, AMAC’s CEO, on her Better for America podcast for a wide ranging discussion of Communist China, Russia and former President Trump’s run for a second term in 2024.

As for the Chinese question, Gorka expressed concern that, at best, the Biden administration is at a loss.

“We have a chairman of the Joint Chiefs, an individual who I consider should be arrested for treason and in the brig right now, Mark Milley, who has admitted on numerous occasions that when the Commander-in-Chief was my former boss, President Trump, he told his counterpart in communist China, General Lee, that, if President Trump is planning anything military, I’ll give you a heads up,” said Gorka. “So, we actually have true collaborators with our greatest enemy inside the wire right now. So, you look at the disastrous national security decisions of late, whether it’s the surrender of Afghanistan, the 13 U.S. warfighters who were killed by ISIS during the withdrawal or you look at what’s happened in Ukraine during the Biden administration, the right things will not happen now. I can tell you what should happen when President Trump comes back into the White House, God willing, is we revert to his policies.”

Gorka went on and said, “When I joined the administration, I’d spent almost 20 years in the counterterrorism field. I expected that would be my mandate as deputy to the president for strategy. But, once I got my clearances and started reading the top-secret presidential briefings, I realized that we were going to deal with ISIS, which we did. We crushed them. We’re going to deal with North Korea, which we did. We had the amazing peace summit in Singapore. There were no wars for four years whilst President Trump was Commander-in-Chief. I told the president; you have to cancel the [Obama] Iran deal. And he did. However, I did realize once I read those classified briefings for the president that there is one strategic level threat to America and it is China. And please AMAC members, listeners, don’t take my word for it. To quote Simon Wiesenthal, the Nazi hunter of yore, he said, ‘When a group of people repeatedly say they wish to destroy you, sooner or later, you should take them seriously’.”

Gorka went on to focus on the alleged coup attempt against Vladimir Putin by Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner Group of mercenaries, suggesting that it was a set up.

First of all, he pointed out that the idea that Prigozhin’s 25,000 revolutionaries were ready to take on three million Russian Federal Forces is not likely.

In addition he said, “None of the Wagner mercenaries will be charged with a crime. Well, then how is it a coup? I think there’s more to the story. I don’t have verified secondary evidence, but if you wanted to identify the people who are least loyal to you, what would be a very useful way? You tell somebody like the Wagner Group, like Prigozhin, hey, would you engineer a fake coup? And then I can see everyone back here in Moscow, who volunteers and joins you guys. And then I can decapitate the lot of them. So, let’s just say it’s very, very suspicious and the jury is still out on exactly what happened.”

As for the 2024 Presidential Election, Gorka pointed out that president Trump is “not just the former president. He’s the leader of the opposition. But right now, it doesn’t matter which poll you look at. He is between 20 and 40 points ahead of his nearest rival, the governor of Florida. So, he is the de facto leader of the opposition. Most likely he will be the Republican candidate for the presidency. And his home is being raided by armed agents of the FBI on some spurious charge, despite the fact that every president, including Jimmy Carter and Obama and George Bush, every single president maintains the highest level of security clearance till the day they die? This tells you this is police state tactics. And we have to stop it. We must stop it before it is too late.”