Dump Trump now!

Some states are trying to test in court whether Donald Trump can be disqualified from another term in office according to the 14th Amendment. This is absolutely the right course of action to pursue. It would also be wise to enact legislation prohibiting citizens from holding public office when they have been found guilty of fraud or felony crime.

Every storied democracy that has ever existed on this planet — most notably Athens and Rome — preemptively banished political bad actors from the public scene so they could not infect the body politic with their heinous ideologies and methods ever again. They cared about democracy enough to protect it.

A candidate already found guilty of civil fraud should not legally be able to run for any office of public trust whether additionally convicted of penal crime before an election or after. He should not be able to touch the office of dog catcher, auditor, road inspector, elections official or school board member.

Certainly, he must not have access to leadership of the Department of Justice of the United States of America or ever make high court nominations.

Dump Trump now!

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah