Eagle Lake Village celebrates resident’s 106th birthday

Eagle Lake Village resident Virginia Weaver turned 106 today, and village staff, residents, friends and 40 local transitional kindergarten students joined the celebration.

About 40 transitional kindergarten students stopped by Eagle Lake Village to wish Virginia Weaver a happy 106th birthday.

The young students sang “Happy Birthday” and other favorites.

When the San Francisco Giants heard Weaver was a loyal Giants fan, the team recognized her birthday and gifted her with a shirt containing images of many of the great Giants’ players over the years.

Born in 1917 during World War I in a little town in Pennsylvania, one of her fondest memories is riding the family’s big St. Bernard named King as if he were a horse.

“We loved him, and he loved us,” she said.

Virginia Weaver.

While today’s digital world proves unsurmountable for many seniors Weaver has made some inroads in that regard. She sends emails and letters using the computer and she pays her bills that way, too.

Staff from Eagle Lake Village served a birthday cake decorated with Weaver’s picture to all those who attended, except the kindergarteners got cookies.

Happy birthday, Virginia, from lassennews.com.