Eagle Lake Village resident turns 106 next week

Eagle Lake Village resident Virginia Weaver turns 106 Tuesday, Dec. 5.

Virginia Weaver turns 106 next week.

She struggles a bit with her hearing aids (a new set is on the way) and her friends say she’s still sharp as a tack.

Born in 1917 in a little town in Pennsylvania, one of her earliest memories is that she had to walk back and forth to school in all kinds of weather. There were no school buses for kids back then.

She remembers her third grade teacher, Mrs. Burrows, who got upset when no one would admit they’d done something wrong. Burrows had the whole classroom stand by their desks, and then she walked by and hit everyone in the class on the thigh with a ruler.

“She was the first person who ever hit me,” Weaver said. “My folks never hit me.”

She graduated from high school in 1935 and married when she was 22 years old.

Her young family moved to Los Angeles, and she took a job with Los Angeles County. When she retired, she asked if she could take her old typewriter that was still in perfect condition with her, but the county wouldn’t let her have it.

“I loved that typewriter,” she said. “I guess they sold it.”

She said she didn’t pay into Social Security because she took advantage of Los Angeles County’s retirement plan, and she’s glad she did because she said it is much better than Social Security.

While today’s digital world proves unsurmountable for many seniors Weaver has made some inroads in that regard. She sends emails and letters using the computer and she pays her bills that way, too. She hasn’t figured Facebook out yet.

She broke her hip and needed help, and said she’d like to get in touch with the Standish/Litchfield family who helped her with plates of food, fruit and cookies.

“They’re a beautiful family,” she said.

That injury contributed to her residence at Eagle Lake Village, although she feels she couldn’t have stayed out on her how if she’d received a little bit of help.

Her husband was a sports fan, and she continued her love of sports. She was a San Francisco Giants fan, but the provider changed programing and she couldn’t watch those games anymore.

Now she watches basketball and prefers college games over the pros. Villanova is her favorite team.

The pro players are just in it for the money, she said, but the college players “want to do the best they can do, and it shows.”

She remembers riding on the family dog, King, like he was a horse when she was younger.

“We loved him, and he loved us,” she said.

And when Weaver doesn’t have anything to do, she works crossword puzzles.

She advised youngsters to be careful and not complain so much.

“Don’t complain too much,” she said. “You can complain, but just a little bit.”

A birthday party for Weaver will be held Tuesday at Eagle Lake Village.