Egan discusses ‘disappointing’ CCC closure phone call

County Administrative Officer Richard Egan detailed what he called a “disappointing” phone call regarding the California Correctional Center closure with the CDCR, state administration, State Senator Brian Dahle and Assemblywoman Megan Dahle.

Earlier in April, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced the upcoming closure of CCC, one of the two state prisons in Susanville. The closure, expected to happen by June 2022, will include the loss of about 1,080 jobs. Many locals, governments officials and county residents included, are upset at the announcement, saying it was done without transparency, and without regard to the economic impact to the area. CDCR, however, notes the decision did not come lightly, and was done by taking in to account several factors including staff turnover, cost to operate per bed filled and the decreasing need for dorm housing across the state.

Egan briefed the Lassen County Board of Supervisors on the Monday call during the Tuesday board meeting.

“In short, it was a very disappointing call. We, I think, fairly well articulated the position of the county and community that we don’t like the decision, we don’t think it was sound either in a procedural or substantive manner, ” he told the board.

However, he said, “The message that was loud and clear was that the decision is final, and when we want to talk about mitigation, for lack of a better word, on that decision for the community, they’re open to discuss that with us.”

Following the call, Egan noted his and the Dahles’ plan to regroup and talk with stakeholders.

“I indicated that although we may discuss with them mitigation, we still do not accept this decision and we don’t think it’s right and will continue to expose what I consider to be the faults in that decision,” Egan said.

The supervisors commended Egan on his work, and told him to “keep swinging.”