Election brings some changes to Lassen County

Elections, as they say, have consequences, and that’s true right here in Lassen County as we review and ponder the results of the Tuesday, Nov. 6 election.

As of Wednesday, Nov. 7, Lassen County Clerk Julie Bustamante reported there are still about 1,600 provisional and vote by mail ballots that arrived on Election Day that have not yet been counted, so the results of any of these races could change, and so they should not be considered final.

In the Lassen County Assessor’s race, Nick Ceaglio garnered 2,054 votes (53.88 percent) and Carrie Insley received 1,888 votes (45.87 percent).

In the Lassen County District Attorney’s race, Susan Rios leads by more than 15 points, gathering 2,267 votes (57.72 percent) against David Evans’ 1,745 votes (41.78 percent).

Incumbent Lassen County District 5 Supervisor Tom Hammond earned 457 votes (56.47 percent) compared to Kerri Cobb’s 348 votes (43.45 percent).

Many locals were surprised by the passage of Measure M, the Cannabis Business Tax Measure that collected 2,205 yes votes (53.36 percent) compared to 1,987 no votes (46.64 percent).

Blue wave in Lassen County?
During election night coverage on a local radio station, one local pundit suggested the blue waters may be rising on the red sands of Lassen County, but actually, according to unofficial election night final tally, the Republicans in Lassen County once again made a strong and consistent showing, but they again struggled against the Democrats statewide.

John Cox, the Republican candidate for governor, received 3,236 local votes (76.61 percent) compared to Democrat Gavin Newsom’s 1,031 votes (23.39 percent), but Newsom leads in the state results.

In the Secretary of State contest, Republican Mark Meuser collected 3,054 votes (72.95 percent) compared to 1,178 votes for Democrat Alex Padilla (27.05 percent), but Padilla leads in the state results.

In the State Controller’s contest, Republican Roditis Konstantinos received 2,886 votes (68.85 percent) compared to Democrat Betty Yee’s 1,335 votes (31.15 percent), but Yee leads in the state results.

Republican Greg Conlon collected 3,053 votes (73.32 percent) compared to 1,149 for Democrat Fiona Ma (26.68 percent) in the State Treasurer race, but Ma leads in the state results.
Steven Bailey, the Republican candidate for Attorney General garnered 3,176 votes (75.85 percent) compared to Democrat Xavier Becerra’s 1,047 votes (24.15 percent), but Becerra leads in the state results.

In the Board of Equalization race, Republican Ted Gaines collected 3,175 votes (76.87 percent) compared to 1,007 (23.13 percent) for Democrat Tom Hallinan, and Gaines leads in the state results.

Incumbent Republican Doug LaMalfa received 3,051 votes (72.11 percent) compared to 1,220 votes (27.89 percent) for Democrat challenger Audrey Denny for the District 1 seat in the U.S. Congress and LaMalfa leads in the state results.

Lassen County’s own Brian Dahle, earned 3,397 votes (80.56 percent) compared to Democrat Caleen Sisk’s 850 votes (19.44 percent) in the State Assembly. District 1 race, and Dahle leads in the state results.