Taden McKernan, left, Desiree Bailey, Bobby Robles, Abigail Robles and Jay McKernan represent the Susanville Elks lodge at the district-level contest held in Quincy on Sunday, Jan. 8.

Elks Hoop Shoot sends local children to state competition

On Dec. 18, students from around Lassen County had their first shot at making history with the local competition of the annual Elks National Hoop Shoot.

The local competition produced five winners who traveled to the district competition held at Feather River College in Quincy on Sunday, Jan. 8.

The winners of the local competition include Taden McKernan for the boys’ 8-9 year age group, Jay McKernan for the boys’ 10-11 year age group, Abigail Robles for the girls’ 10-11 year age group, Bobby Robles for the boys’ 12-13 year age group and Desiree Bailey for the girls’ 12-13 year age group. There were no competitors for the girls’ 8-9 year age group.

While at the local competition held in the Diamond View School gymnasium, Taden McKernan, a student at Shaffer School, made 10 out of 25 attempted free throws.

Jay McKernan, also a Shaffer student, made 18 of 25 attempted free throws.

Abigail Robles, student within the Susanville School District, made 17 of 25 attempted free throws.

Bobby Robles, also a Susanville School District student, made 20 of 25 attempted free throws.

Desiree Bailey, Shaffer student, made 13 of 25 attempted free throws.

The five winners of the Susanville Elks competition made their way through the incoming storm on Jan. 8 to compete alongside winners from Alturas, Portola, Quincy, Lake Almanor, Grass Valley and Auburn lodges.

However, the Feather River College gymnasium offered its own set of challenges to the competitors on the day of the district competition.

According to Susanville Elks Lodge member Kim Erb, the power at Feather River College went out 20 minutes prior to the competition’s start. The power remained out for the entirety of the event.

With natural light shining through the windows, the children were able to show off their diligence and resiliency despite the lack of electricity.

Abigail Robles, left, and Jay McKernan are the National Elks Hoop Shoot district winners for the 10-11 age groups of each gender.

The district winners included two local competitors: Jay McKernan and Abigail Robles.

Jay McKernan shot a good 14 out of 25 free throws. Aligail Robles shot a good 16 of 25 free throws.

In addition to the Susanville Elks representatives, four other students from the district will be traveling to the state level contest to be held in Sacramento on Saturday, Jan. 21.

For the boys’ 8-9 year age group, Jack Newman made 13 of 25 free throws. Newman represented the Quincy Lodge.

For the girls’ 8-9 year age group, Brisa Banbridge made 11 of 25 free throws. Branbridge represented Lake Almanor’s Lodge.

For the boys’ 12-13 age group, Elliott Tinnel, grandson of Lassen County resident Tom Tinnel, made 22 of 25 free throws. Tinnel represented the Elks Lodge in Grass Valley.

Finally, for the girls’ 12-13 age group, Caitlyn James made 18 of 25 attempted free throws. James represented the Quincy Lodge.

The six competitors will take on the state contest this Saturday for the change to move onto the regional level.