Embarking on incredible new beginnings

Throughout my time in junior and senior high, my mother worked as a news reporter for the Chester Progressive. Recalling fond memories and proud of my mother’s profession, I got the chance to spend valuable time around her office and reading her stories.
Why, even my husband’s grandmother worked at the Progressive at the same time as my own mother, dedicating many happy years to the paper. Starting my time here feels wonderfully familiar and magically exciting.

Upon graduating high school in Chester more than a decade ago, I found myself motivated to embark on a journey to Los Angeles, where at 17, I attended a conservatory and entered the world of theater. With a love for the human experience, inquiry into society at large and a thirst for community, I found a sense of self that would be impossible without those experiences and the tradition of writing.

Throughout the past few years at Lassen Community College, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have the support of many professors, educators and many others who have helped make becoming a news reporter for the Lassen County Times a reality, let alone a dream to pursue.

Support from family and friends has given me the possibility to even embark upon this opportunity, and for this I owe them tremendous thanks, more so than I could write. The endless days and nights spent locked in my room writing essays have been well spent. The time and heart put into that work would not have been possible without the sacrifice of my family and the dedication of an incredible husband of whom I met right here in Susanville.

Lassen County has been a blessing for my life and my future. Having the privilege to be surrounded with such natural beauty is astounding and the outpouring of communal support reminds me of the stories my family members share from times when they were children — recalling times spent playing with friends in the neighborhood, outside and free from concern.

Lassen County is a true and living representation of those memories. To become a part of sharing its stories with this great community is a true pleasure and a distinguished honor. Every incredible journey must have its first step, and with this new beginning, I hope that we find ourselves sharing these stories again and again. Hopefully, looking back fondly upon our future memories.