Emily Vorlicky, pictured here with her husband, Matthew, and daughter, Joey, has accepted the position as the 2022 Best of Broadway production manager. Photo submitted

Emily Vorlicky accepts role as 2022 Best of Broadway production manager

Since she was 8 years old, Emily Vorlicky has participated in Susanville’s Best of Broadway, showcasing her strong vocals and wowing the crowds. Now, she’s bringing her talent and passion for the local performance to her new role as the 2022 production manager for the Best of Broadway concert series.

“I’m just really excited for the opportunity,” Vorlicky said.

The 2022 Best of Broadway is slated to bring the music of Broadway and the passion and joy of local performers back to the stage next March.

Emily Vorlicky and her mom perform “One Short Day” from “Wicked” during the 2018 Best of Broadway show. Photo submitted

And while that may seem a while away, the production crew and managers have already started preparations.

Vorlicky — now married and a mother to her daughter, 16-month-old Joey — is excited to help get Best of Broadway back up and running after the pandemic abruptly halted last year’s show.

“People are just so excited to get back on stage,” she said.

There is no theme yet for the 2022 show, but preparations are underway and fundraisers are in the works.

“I just want to make the show the best it can be,” Vorlicky said of the return. “I miss my Broadway family, and I just want to continue making it bigger, and greater and expanding.”

Vorlicky has participated in many shows throughout the years. She’s loved performing her dream role as Ursula, and also remembers her time performing the Queen of Hearts role fondly. But it’s seeing everyone around her immersed in the Best of Broadway experience doing what makes them happy that brings her the most joy. The Best of Broadway team spends months together rehearsing their songs and moves — and through long, rewarding days, deep bonds are formed.

“We’re truly just a family that gets bigger and better every year,” the new production manager said.

Best of Broadway usually has auditions for the show around October or November, with the cast list being posted in December. Come the first of the year, three months of near daily rehearsals begin for the iconic and highly anticipated annual show.

Vorlicky is grateful and excited for this opportunity. She acknowledged those who held the role before her, including Julie Newton and Jessica Newton-Wade, Lisa Bernard and Jayson Vial and Matthew Ngotel.

“I have some big shoes to fill,” she said.

To stay up to date on fundraisers, auditions and tickets, follow the Best of Broadway Facebook page.