Enjoy May before it fades away

This wonderful month will be over soon but there is much to note about May.

Mother’s Day is a beautiful day. The day has come and gone, but the day emphasizes a day to celebrate mom. I remember my mother who was so dear. I remember and cherish those beautiful years. We take our pictures and they eventually may fade, but the memories and love we have for our mothers will never go away.

During May we celebrate a lot of graduations. Graduation is ongoing as colleges, high schools and even the junior highs, elementaries, and preschools are having days of commencement and moving forward. Moving forward to the next level is always a joyous time. No one wants to stay in school forever. The majority of America’s graduates don’t want to fight at graduation. They achieved a milestone and want to celebrate the occasion in a joyful atmosphere. Sadly, a few are messing up graduation day for others who have worked hard to achieve their goals.

When you are a freshman in high school you can’t imagine that four long years will ever end, but they end quickly. It’s like life. When you are 21 your whole life is before you. You can’t imagine the end of life. One day if you are fortunate, you wake up to your retirement years and wonder, “Where did the time go?” Life is like graduation. We graduate from school and eventually we graduate from life. We would never want to spend eternity in high school or college, or maybe we would. It all depends on your perspective and how the school era goes for you. For some it’s a great time and for others they are ready to move on. We won’t spend eternity in this world. We might have a lot of years but eventually we graduate and move on to another level. Hopefully your level will brighter. No one wants to graduate to a lower level.

May is a great month as we will soon celebrate Memorial Day. Recognize and remember the many who gave it all for us to enjoy this great country. So many have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. As we approach Memorial Day, let’s hope and pray that our country can always seek peace and avoid the slaughter of our young men and women. Be good to those you know in active service as they face many daily challenges.

May is a beautiful month because of all the green leaves on the trees and beautiful flowers. Take time to enjoy the landscape of May.

May has come and soon will go. Take it easy and take it slow. Embrace each day and the good people you know. June will soon come we hope and it will be sunny and bright. We will have long days and star filled nights. But, right now take hold of May and enjoy each day. Find time to soak it all in as it will soon fade away.