Exciting days are here

A pack of activities come for juniors and seniors now. For instance, Lassen High School will have its Prom on May 25. I missed many teenage joys, like prom, because a drunken driver hit me when I was 16 in 1992.

I graduated in 1993 in a wheelchair with hearing difficulties. After 32 years, my hearing is still damaged, and I can walk as best as I can. I am used to my daily challenges, but I am trying to prevent others from facing this.

No one wants to live with these difficulties: I guarantee that. Believing you can drive like a pro after a beer or two is foolish. I’ve been trying to make that clear for more than 15 years. Unforeseen injuries or death can come to you and others if you are not sober when driving. I know.

Teenagers have a long road ahead of them. If you’re drinking, please designate a sober driver first. It is the best choice for all. Drinking and driving can bring a dead end to your future, as well as the future of others.

Lori Martin, Tracy, California