Expansion of local trails network in the works

Here’s a view from the proposed North Mountain Meadows trail. Photos submitted

“A Request for Proposal has been issued for the Cooperative Trails Project,” announced Elizabeth Norton, Vice President of the Lassen Land and Trails Trust.

According to a statement from LL&TT, this project will complete environmental planning and preconstruction engineering along five interconnected trails (approximately 66.8 miles) between Chester, Clear Creek, Westwood, Susanville and Madeline.

The project includes several partners who share this vision of a long-distanced, scenic trail through our rural communities.  They include: the Feather River Land Trust in Quincy, Almanor Recreation and Park District in Chester, Mountain Meadows Conservancy in Westwood and Lassen Land and Trails Trust, Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management in Susanville.

“We have now initiated the planning phase for the project thanks to grants from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and the Forest Service,” Norton said.  “When it’s completed by the end of 2025, we’ll then begin phase two for construction.  Once these trail segments are connected, trail users will be able to hike or bike from Chester to Susanville on mostly Class I trails that are separated from busy highways.”

The proposed Almanor Trail is expected to look something like this.

Looking into the future, the partners envision developing another rail trail segment that will connect Susanville to the Modoc Line Rail Trail in Wendel and then onto Likely.

“People really enjoy trails, and long-distanced riding on safe, non-motorized trails is increasingly popular for all ages,” Norton said.  “This project will benefit locals and draw many visitors to enjoy our network of trails and the hospitality of our small towns.”

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