Farm Bureau president applauds Assembly passage of SB 505

California Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson praised the California Assembly for today’s passage of Senate Bill 505 to expand the insurance “clearinghouse” program of the California FAIR Plan, the state’s insurer of last resort.

SB 505, by state Senator Susan Rubio, previously passed in the state Senate and now heads to Governor Gavin Newsom for his signature.

California Farm Bureau and the California Department of Insurance co-sponsored the bill, which will allow commercial policies under the FAIR plan to move back to the competitive market with coverage protecting farming and ranching operations.

“Farmers and ranchers have truly felt the pain of California’s insurance crisis,” Johansson said. “Many lost their insurance after devastating California wildfires. We earlier worked with Senator Rubio to help them gain access to coverage under the FAIR plan. Now we thank her for her leadership on SB 505, which will help those farmers and ranchers — and all Californians — gain access to affordable residential and commercial property insurance.

“Our farmers and ranchers want to focus on producing America’s food supply, not on trying to become experts in procuring what was once routine insurance coverage,” Johansson added. “We urge Governor Newsom to support them by signing this important legislation.”

Rubio earlier carried Senate Bill 11 on behalf of California Farm Bureau. Signed into law in 2021, it allowed agricultural properties to get fire insurance coverage under the FAIR Plan.

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