Farmers Market opens June 8

The Farmers Market returns this season for its fourth year in Historic Uptown Susanville. The Farmers Market is sponsored jointly by the Lassen Land and Trails Trust and the Historic Uptown Susanville Association. This market has been operating as a Certified Farmers Market since 1998, when the market was hosted exclusively by the LLTT. Since that time the market has been able to secure long-standing local vendors who return every year. In addition the market has evolved with new vendors and has secured a partnership with HUSA to keep this seasonal tradition moving ahead every year.

The Farmers Market priority to be a certified market is a forefront of the planning. A Certified Farmers Market means patrons can be assured the produce they purchase has been grown by the farmer at their own certified farm/ranch.

This certification is completed by the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office of the county where the product is grown. The farmers are selling product they grew themselves.


Why is this important to the consumer?

During our local growing season, the consumer has the opportunity to purchase quality, fresh and local produce being grown in their own community. They get to buy directly from the farmers who planned, planted, cultivated, irrigated and harvested the product. There is no product storage or shipping, and the consumer will find produce harvested fresh a day or two before they purchase it. They become a part of supporting local business and farmers.


Why is this important to the farmer?

The farmer is personally invested in doing what they love. A Certified Farmers’ Market gives them a place to share their product and reach both the returning customers and educate new consumers about the importance of farm fresh produce. Farmers will post their certification at their booth, be sure to look for it. This is their way of guaranteeing you a fresh, locally grown product.

The effort to bring a Certified Farmers Market to Susanville every year involves extensive planning and careful consideration. Not only do the vendors obtain a certification themselves, but the Farmers Market also obtains an authorization from the Lassen County Agriculture Commissioner’s Office to operate as a CFM. The LLTT and HUSA ensure that you enjoy a farmers market with the highest standards in health, cleanliness and good business practices.

The market is actively recruiting new vendors to expand the market selections in local produce, cottage foods and artisans for the 2019 season.

Becoming a certified producer is easy. The market will connect you with the Lassen County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office to coordinate a field visit of your growing site and complete the producers certificate with you and that’s it!

For more information about the vendors at the farmers market check out the LLTT website at and follow the LLTT Facebook page for information weekly as the farmers’ market season begins.

Opening day of the 2019 Farmers Market is June 8, and the market will operate through Sept. 14.

Contact the Farmers Market manager for more information at 257-3252 or