Fascist judges: Hands off abortion pill

Leaders of Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights responded to Judge Alito’s order of a two-day extension of a hold on implementing lower court decisions restricting the use of the abortion pill mifepristone. It calls on everyone who supports the fundamental right to abortion to prepare to protest any restriction of mifepristone on the day after an announcement of the Supreme Court’s intentions.

Sunsara Taylor, a co-initiator of Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights and host of the RNL – Revolution, Nothing Less – Show on Youtube, said, “In the short-term – 48 hours – this means that there will be no change to women’s access to the most common form of safe, legal abortion in the country. However, this is only temporary, and it is not the end to the threat facing women’s fundamental right to abortion.

Both Judge Kacsmaryk and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals approved restrictions to mifepristone on the basis of arcane laws that were once used to not only criminalize abortion but also information about birth control. This is cause for everyone who cares about women and girls to take to the streets to raise our voices and our fury to declare:

Fascist Judges Hands Off Abortion Access!
Legal Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!
Forced Motherhood Is Female Enslavement!”

Merle Hoffman, Co-Initiator of RiseUp4AbortionRights.org and Founder/CEO of Choices Women’s Medical Center said, “Judge Kacsmaryk and his theocratic 19th-century rulings must be relegated to the dustbins of history. Women and girls are living in the urgency of now. Physicians have been weaponized by the state to act as the handmaids of oppression. Make no mistake, ‘fetal personhood’ with constitutional rights is the ultimate goal of the anti-abortion movement.

While right-wing officials debate when a fetal heartbeat can be heard, there is no doubt that living women and girls have beating hearts. Twenty-three million women in this country have absolutely no access to legal safe abortion. Will we allow that number to rise to 166 million and welcome this Brave New World of female breeders? Or will we answer the call of science, reason, compassion, human rights and justice? I call on all people of conscience to resist this metastasis of misogynistic moral panic and act.”