Feinstein to Air Force, Lockheed Martin: Expedite Transfer of Firefighting C-130s to California

Senator Dianne Feinstein today sent letters to the secretary of the Air Force and the president and CEO of the Lockheed Martin Corporation asking them to work together to resolve any delays in modifying and transferring seven C-130 air tankers that will be used to fight wildfires in California. The transfer of the C-130s to California was authorized by Congress in 2018.

“My staff has learned that there will be at least a six-month delay in the delivery schedule because of contracting issues. This is especially troubling, since wildfires have already burned a record 2.2 million acres so far this year, and we have only just entered our traditional fall fire season,” wrote Feinstein.

“California needs these additional C-130 aircraft as soon as possible, and I ask that you do everything possible to ensure that there are no further delays.”