Feinstein urges Californians to complete Census forms this weekend

Senator Dianne Feinstein released the following statement on the need for everyone living in the United States to complete the 2020 census:

“There are now just five days left to complete the 2020 census, a tool that is critical to ensure proper funding and representation for all California communities.

“This hasn’t been a typical census year. In California, wildfires have displaced families and made it harder to locate many individuals. And a global pandemic made it difficult to conduct in-person counts, necessary when people don’t fill out their census forms.

“The Trump administration last year tried to add a citizenship question to the Census form to drive down responses. And more recently, the White House decided to end collection efforts a month earlier than originally planned.

“Despite all those obstacles, we absolutely must obtain an accurate count. I implore any Californian who hasn’t yet completed their census form to do so as quickly as possible.

“The Constitution is clear: Every 10 years, everyone living in the United States – regardless of age, race, ethnicity or citizenship status – must be counted. This count allows accurate allocation of federal resources and ensures equitable representation in Congress. So please do your part for a complete and accurate count.”


Census resources

The 2020 Census form can be completed online at my2020census.gov or by calling (844) 330-2020 for English speakers or (844) 468-2020 for Spanish speakers.

The Census Bureau also offers web pages and guides in 59 non-English languages, including American Sign Language, as well as guides in Braille and large print. Additional information is available at 2020census.gov/languages.