FERC approves agreement between LMUD, NV Energy

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced Nov. 2, that Nevada Power Company (NV Energy) and Lassen Municipal Utility District submitted an amended Network Integration Transmission Service Agreement between NV Energy as transmission provider and Lassen Municipal Utility District as customer. The request was submitted by NV Energy and LMUD on Sept. 11. It has been approved by FERC and will be effective Nov. 10, 2023.

LMUD and NV Energy partnered on the amended transmission agreement to add transmission service that will include power delivered to LMUD from the Fish Lake Geothermal project located in Dyer Nevada and operated by Open Mountain Energy.

The Fish Lake project will deliver 3 megawatts of eligible renewable energy to LMUD customers and will help LMUD achieve its renewable energy goals.

“This resource will supply LMUD customers with renewable, baseload energy over the 15-year contract term,” said LMUD’s Interim General Manager, Nick Dominguez.

Dominguez went on to say, “This project demonstrates our commitment to stable and sustainable service and is in line with one of LMUD’s key strategic goals of maintaining long-term power supply arrangements with reasonable costs.”

The transmission agreement is also part of LMUD’s long-range planning that includes the construction of the Skedaddle Substation. The substation, which is expected to come online in the last quarter of 2025, will allow LMUD to connect to NV Energy’s balancing authority enabling LMUD to receive power over the NV Energy system increasing reliability and stabilizing power costs.