Brandon Shelton, back left, Rob Schmidt, Vickie Schmidt, Laura Buchanan, Luis Iniguez, Terry Cardenas, Micah Root, Jason Housel, Mikayla Rawson, third row left, Merry Clayton, Kristina Bussey, Kristina Peret, Torri Koehler, Kim Hoy, second row back, Melinda Doening, Sierra Buchanan, front left, and Ryann Brown earned first place in the slow-pitch softball lower division coed playoff tournament after defeated the Juggernauts twice on Aug. 7. Photo submitted

Fever Pitch wins championship for coed lower slow-pitch

On Aug. 7, slow-pitch softball coed team Fever Pitch left the field as the proud winner of the playoff championship game.

The Fever Pitch players truly proved themselves over the course of the eight-day tournament.

As of July 14, Fever Pitch was ranked seventh of the nine coed teams due to performance from the season as a whole. Their ranking landed them in third place of five lower division teams. While this didn’t promote faith in the players’ performance, the Fever Pitch gang proved that hard work on the field can make the most faithless believe.

The team started tournament play on July 27 with their first game against Bad Intentions. Fever Pitch’s win was followed by a loss against the Juggernauts on Aug. 2.

Once in the loser’s bracket, Fever Pitch played a rematch game against Bad Intentions on Aug. 4 and emerged the victors once more.

Fever Pitch was given a second chance for the championship title with the semi-final game played on Aug. 7 against the Juggernauts.

After given the chance to take on the Juggernauts once more, Fever Pitch was definitely fired up.

A victory from Fever Pitch allowed the Juggernauts to see their first loss. Thus, the two final teams had to play a second game on Aug. 7 to declare the overall champions.

Fever Pitch happily took the title.

With the season officially at its end for Fever Pitch, the team took the time to reflect on its performance as well as its origin.

Team manager Vickie Schmidt gave an inside scoop as to the team’s inner workings.

Fever Pitch was established in 2004 with a group of friends interested in playing softball. From there, the team grew as former volleyball teammates and current coworkers discussed the sport and drew attention to themselves.

While the team has changed since it’s founding, a majority of the current players have been together on the field for more than seven years.

Schmidt commented, “As manager of Fever Pitch, I have enjoyed each member of the team. We come out each season for the enjoyment of the sport, the camaraderie and respect we share for each other, and the support our men give our women.”

Fever Pitch fully intends to return to the field next season, as the summertime sport has become a tradition for each individual.

In addition, this is the first year Fever Pitch has been able to play in a championship game. Their success was made all the more sweet by this fact.

Schmidt said, “This is the first year Fever Pitch has made it to the championship game and won, so you can imagine how excited we were with this win.”

Though the season is over for 2016, fans can fully expect to see more slow-pitch action at the softball fields at Riverside Park in Susanville when summer returns.