Fill the hole with a load of rocks

The television show “60 Minutes” reported about a gap in our border wall. The gap is reported to be about sixty miles east of San Diego and is a global destination for migrants from around the world. The news source reported that during a four-day watch they personally witnessed about 600 illegal entries come through the small gap.

According to the report people from China are the fastest growing number of illegal immigrants coming into our country. More than 37,000 just last year which is a growing number. Stories were told about people who had sold their houses and gave up everything to make the trip. The trip had cost one person $14,000 and another reported the trip took ten days traveling through multiple countries.

TikTok has a video that provides all the details on where to find the gap and how to obtain the help needed in Mexico to get to the destination.

Who are these people? Are they simply well-intended people who are coming here to make our country better? Is this a move to fill our country with Chinese soldiers who may be positioning themselves to attack America from inside? Hopefully, it’s just a large group of people trying to escape from a bad country where life is not good.

The dumbest part of this “60 Minutes” story is the four-foot gap so many are coming through. Reportedly, there isn’t any federal money allocated to fix the gap. We’ve sent billions to Ukraine and Israel, but we don’t have any money to plug up a hole used by people who are essentially invading our country. We don’t call them invaders, but they come illegally and in massive numbers. It may not feel like an invasion in Iowa but it does to people who live on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Why doesn’t someone take a dump truck or two of rocks and close up that gap? If President Biden wanted to improve his dismal ranking in the polls, then he should coordinate such an effort. He and VP Kamala Harris could each drive a big truck of rocks and dump into the gap.

I bet he would have an impressive convoy of people who would join him in the effort. I can’t see how it would be that much of a strain on the federal budget. Of course, he won’t do that nor will any other politician. There is probably some kind a rule or law that forbids such an action.

One elderly man who owns property close to the gap fired a gun in the air because migrants were burning trees on his farm. He was arrested for trying to protect his property.

Fixing that hole in the wall seems like a simple common-sense thing to do. When you bring Washington into the process there is no common sense.